What to do with Christmas leftovers

It’s that time of the year where we enjoy lots of fun times with family and friends, wine and of course, food!

But you might find that once the big day is over, you’ve got an overload of food and snacks around the house. As we want to help you recycle your festive feast rather than waste it, we’ve created a guide with ideas on how to repurpose your leftovers into new recipes, or use it up doing fun activities with the kids.


Fruit and veg

If you’ve got carrots or brussel sprouts left over from the big day, then why not mash or puree them? Our Masha 3-in-1 blender is perfect for turning these vegetables into baby food, chunky soups or even dips for the leftover packets of crisps!

3 in 1 Masha by Sensio Home


Mini fridge

We all buy too much food at this time of year, you may not have enough space to store it in the fridge. Well, we’ve got the solution for you, a mini fridge. Choose between a 10L or 15L mini fridge which can be kept in the kitchen or the garage to give you the extra cold storage space. And because they’re portable, you can use them to keep picnics cool in the summer!

mini fridge black

Turkey and cold meats

Depending on what you cook as your meat in the main meal on Christmas day, there’s usually guaranteed to be leftover meat. Perfect for sandwiches and toasties on Boxing Day. The best thing about sandwiches and toasties is that anything and everything can go into the filling, making them a great way to use up the roast dinner leftovers.

Our Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster / Toastie Maker makes toasties in two minutes, so you’ll have a delicious roast dinner leftovers sandwich in no time. Our top tip? Add gravy in the sandwich!

toast maker

Chocolate and sweets

One of the best bits about the festive season is the chocolate. You might find you’ve got an influx of chocolate coins in the sweeties jar that can be used in our Sensio Home Belgian Chocolate Fountain Fondue set. A chocolate fountain is a fun activity to do with the kids when they’re on their school holidays and you can find different things in the kitchen to dip in the melted chocolate. Let their taste buds run wild and find items to dip in the fountain from the kitchen.

Chocolate Fountain 500ml

And there you have it! Our fully fledged guide to using up the Christmas leftovers in delicious and practical ways. If you decide to follow our festive guide, make sure you tag us in your cooking snaps on social media. You’ll find us on Instagram and Facebook.