Top delicious and healthy soups

At this time of year, there’s nothing better than a delicious and hearty soup to help warm you up on a chilly, dark evening. Another great benefit of soup is that it can be packed full of healthy vegetables and nutrients to help keep your immune system strong and ward off any colds or flus.

To help you eat healthily, we’ve put together a round-up of some of our absolute favourite soup recipes, all of which can be made using our Masha handheld blender, mini food chopper, hand blender or larger food processors.

Vegan black bean soup

This vegan black bean soup is bursting with flavours and will give you a good protein boost to keep you feeling energetic. The bulk of the cooking is essentially a one pot process of sauteing the vegetables before adding in the beans, sweetcorn and stock and bringing to the boil. The other part involves blending up two cans of black beans with chopped tomatoes. Why not use one of our brilliant multi-functional blenders or food-processors?

Food Processor

Winter vegetable soup

A really simple recipe, this particular soup is high in fibre and is packed full of vitamins and minerals. You can customise this soup by choosing your favourite vegetables to add in. The only ingredients needed for this one are potatoes, stock, crème fraîche and whichever vegetables you prefer (why not try onions, celery and carrots?). From start to finish, this should only take you 25 minutes, so it’s a perfect weeknight dinner.

Spicy parsnip soup

The kick in this one is sure to help you keep warm! This soup mixes the traditional wintery taste of parsnips with a zingy South-Asian flavour and a splash of chilli. Once the soup has been cooked, we recommend you blitz it with the Masha to give it a lovely creamy, smooth texture and get rid of any lumps.

Chicken Soup

A nourishing, comforting classic for those cold winter days, we couldn’t bear to miss this one out. The trick to creating the perfect creamy texture while still having hearty chunks of chicken and vegetables is to remove half of the soup once it’s cooked and puree it using a handheld blender before returning it to the pot. Check out the full recipe here.

Broccoli, cannellini bean and cheddar soup

This is a low calorie, high nutrient option. As with the chicken soup, we recommend pureeing half the mixture in a blender once it’s fully cooked to enhance the texture. The pureed cannellini beans will ensure that the soup is extra creamy, meaning that you don’t need to add too much cheese in for texture, only a small amount for taste.

Another tip to making this recipe even healthier is to ensure that you rinse the beans before adding them to the recipe, as canned beans often tend to be high in sodium, or opt for a low-sodium option if possible.