The perfect dog beds and cat beds for your four-legged friends

Dogs and cats are part of the family and, as such, deserve to have the best things in life. Therefore a warm and comfy bed is as essential for your pet as it is for you! We have a new range of luxury pet beds that are perfect for both dogs and cats - who knows, getting your pet one might even stop them trying to sleep on your bed! 


Why do your pets deserve to be pampered? 


Owning dogs and being owned by cats will give you loads of benefits - far more than you’d imagine. The obvious benefits are companionship and cute photos for your social media, but there are many health advantages too. So much so, there is a growing base of scientific research to assess the physiological as well as psychological advantages of living with animals. In the US, a non-profit organisation, the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI), has been funding research projects and has a library of scientific evidence that shows how the human-animal bond is “essential to public health”. For example, research is being undertaken to investigate links between the diverse range of gut bacteria we have through animal contact and its positive effects on cardiovascular disease, as well as whether it helps to prevent problems caused by taking antibiotics. 


Having a family dog has been found to help child development and not just in terms of the benefits of increased exercise from dog walking. “Results indicate that children of dog-owning families had lower peer problems, lower conduct problems, and higher prosocial behaviors than children from non-dog-owning families.” 


Many dogs are trained to be service animals - organisations such as Guide Dogs and Hearing Dogs for Deaf People being great examples. However, they are also helping to provide comfort for children with autism and people suffering from PTSD. 


After bringing so many benefits to you and your family, reward your pets by giving them the gift of a great night’s sleep… or day’s sleep.


What makes Sensio Homes' luxury pet beds so good? 

The perfect dog beds and cat beds for your four-legged friends 2

Our luxury pet beds have been designed to be as stylish and practical as they are comfortable. They’ll look great in any room, and as all sizes are the same design, they’ll match perfectly for multiple pets. Whatever size your cats and dogs are, you can be sure that their beds will be harmonious… even if your pets like to squabble over who gets to sleep in which one. 


Your pet will love the generous amount of extra soft filling in the bed. It’s designed to make the bed more comfortable and cosier, and most of all, our luxury pet beds will keep your dog or cat warm. At a time when we’re all having to find ways to save on our heating bills, it’s good to know that your pets will have somewhere warm to sleep. Unlike us, they can’t just put on another layer after turning the heating down. They can’t pop on a pair of slippers when their feet get a bit chilly or put a blanket over their legs. Having a luxury bed that feels as good to them as snuggling under a warm duvet feels to us is one of the keys to having a happy pet. 


Convinced? Order your Sensio Pets Luxury Dog Cat Bed direct from us. We offer free delivery on all pet beds. Don’t forget to tag us in on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or TikTok when you post cute photos of them fast asleep.