The benefits of a Foot Spa

Taking your shoes off after a long day has got to be one of the most satisfying feelings you can have! When you think about it, we aren’t very nice to our feet, even after all they do for us. So next time you take your shoes off, why not give yourself a nice foot rub or get someone to give you a foot massage? And not just because it feels nice. Did you know that by looking after your feet, you’re also benefiting the rest of your body? 

foot spa details by sensio home
A foot massage has proven medical benefits* - it boosts your circulation and releases endorphins, which can help reduce pain. And it’s great for stress relief, which can aid recovery from illness. In one study** in America, five-minute foot massages were given to critical care patients, resulting in a decrease in heart rate, blood pressure and respirations. The study’s authors concluded: “Results indicated foot massage had the potential effect of increasing relaxation as evidenced by physiological changes during the brief intervention administered to critically ill patients in intensive care.”

Powerful stuff. And all from taking a few minutes out of your life to be nice to your hard-working feet.



Foot spa benefits

Given the health benefits that come from rubbing and massaging your feet, imagine what a foot spa could do for you! The Sensio Home Foot Spa Massager Bath provides everything tired feet could possibly want - warm water, bubbles, and vibrating massage rollers. Whether you’ve been standing up at work or have just got in after a long walk, a run, a day’s shopping or a day out visiting museums and galleries, think how wonderful it would be to sink your feet into warm, bubbly water and to enjoy a foot massage from the spa’s vibrating rollers. 

foot spa massage by sensio home

All you have to do is fill the foot spa with warm water, add your feet, then turn on the bubbles and massage function. The spa will do everything else, and you’ll get to sit down and rest at the same time. It’s the perfect time to listen to music or a podcast, read a book or a magazine, chat with a friend, meditate or practise some mindfulness - anything that helps relax your entire body as you relieve your feet. Then you’ll get double the benefits! 


Give yourself a pedicure at the same time 

While you’re paying more attention to your feet, it could be the perfect time for a pedicure. That’s why we include a luxury pedicure kit with the Sensio Home Foot Spa. You’ll get a nail file, nail brush, scissors, tweezers and toe separators - everything you need to get your feet summer ready. 

More than just an everyday indulgence, dipping your feet in the Sensio Home Foot Spa Massager Bath can have physiological benefits that can help improve your circulation and reduce your stress levels. It’s the perfect gift for your hard-working feet! Order it directly from us and you’ll qualify for free delivery. Go on, indulge yourself!