Glamping essentials

Are you planning to go glamping this summer? Even if you’re just going plain camping, there’s no reason why you can’t still do it with the same style and panache as glampers. A huge part of glamping is having the ability to produce beautiful food that you can eat outside in the sunshine during the day or under the stars in the evening. As long as you’ve got access to electricity, we can help you produce amazing meals with our space-saving innovations!


Toasties? Waffles? Something from the grill? 

Glamping essentials grill


Wouldn’t it be lovely if someone could invent just one space-saving gadget that would let you cook waffles for breakfast and toasted sandwiches for lunch, and give you a chance to cook something healthy on the grill for dinner. Well, that’s just what we’ve done! Our Sensio Home Multi Functional 3 in 1 Stylish Waffle, Deep Fill Sandwich, Panini or Grill Maker is the perfect answer to your glamping cookouts. The three interchangeable plates allow you to change the function of this 3 in 1 gadget and are really easy to clean. 


  • Great breakfast waffle toppings for glampers - You don’t need complex toppings to make your waffles delicious, which is good news when you’re camping and don’t have much storage space. A bit of butter and syrup or honey are a classic favourite. Other topping suggestions are sliced banana, strawberries or other fruit, and you can sprinkle on a few pecan nuts as an additional topping. 


  • Great toasted sandwich fillings for glampers - Cheese is a great filling for toasted sandwiches. Cheddar works really well, but you can also use other cheeses that melt easily such as Brie, Camembert, Gruyère or blue cheese. Great additions that work brilliantly with cheese are ham or plant-based ham substitute, mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes. 


  • Great grilling for glampers - With the grill plates, you can cook up bacon, sausages, burgers, steak, salmon, tuna, kebabs (meat, fruit or veg), plant-based meat substitutes, mushrooms, tomatoes, etc. Anything you might cook on your BBQ at home in fact, but without all the mess! 


Stay cool 


One of the main problems about glamping in the summer is how are you going to keep your sodas and beers cold? A cool box is all very well for a picnic, but it won’t keep everything cold for the entire weekend. What you need is a mini fridge. Our mini fridges are portable and have carrying handles to make it easy for you to get them from A to B. They come with adaptable power sources, so you can use them in the UK and the EU, and they also come with a DC power lead, so you can plug them into your car's cigarette socket and keep your food and drinks cool when you’re driving. 

Glamping essentials fridge

Are you going glamping over the Jubilee bank holiday? Keep the flag flying and keep the tipple you’re going to toast the Queen with cool in our special edition Union Jack mini fridge! 


Mini fridges are a great investment because you can use them all the time - you can use them to keep your milk cold in your garden office or for extra fridge space at parties and BBQs, the kids can take them to university or you can store makeup in them, or you can just use them to keep things cool on long car journeys.


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