By INDEPENDENT: 13 best ice cream makers for frozen treats at home this summer

The Sensio Home ice cream maker is another budget-friendly machine that also ticks the box for being relatively compact. That makes it a strong contender if you’re just testing the water when it comes to ice cream making, as it doesn’t require too much of a commitment.

This is a freeze-the-bowl model, so the base needs to chill in the freezer for at least 12 hours before use. It cools rapidly once it’s out, so prep your recipe beforehand and make sure the paddle is attached to the motor unit ready to go. This clicks into place on top of the bowl, then you just switch the machine on and pour your mix through the top. If you’ve got extra ingredients to add, pop them in towards the end, once your mix has thickened.

Speaking of thickening, although it made ice cream with a soft consistency within about 20 minutes, the machine struggled to churn beyond that point – so bear in mind you may need to add time for your ice cream to set in the freezer to achieve a more solid texture. As for the recipes provided, there’s a classic vanilla ice cream using the custard-making method, and a non-cook strawberry version made with strawberries, caster sugar, lemon juice and double cream.

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