By DAILY MAIL: Try these top 10 food and drink brands to elevate your sunshine dining

Investing in the right kitchen gadgets can make cooking faster, easier and more enjoyable. 

Take the Masha by Sensio Home, for example, with its unique patented rotor blade technology that lets you create lump-free, fluffy mashed potatoes in seconds.

This electric masher is lightweight so can be used with no strain on your wrists. Plus, it's super versatile and can also whip up fresh veggies, baby food, sauces, eggs, desserts, and more.   

There's also the Sensio Home Air Fryer, which is a must-have for any kitchen. This air fryer has a larger capacity than some other brands, coming in 15L and 21L sizes. This means that you can cook more at the same time, even different foods together. 

As well as faster and healthier cooking, air fryers are more energy efficient than a conventional oven, helping reduce your energy costs. 

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