The Wine Keeper - the Perfect Gift for a Wine Lover

There can be no better gift for a fine wine enthusiast than making their investment in expensive wine go further. When a connoisseur buys a fine wine, they want to be able to savour every mouthful. What a shame then that they only get to enjoy its peak flavour for a few hours. As soon as a bottle of wine is uncorked, it begins to oxidise and lose the aromas and flavours. This means that in order to enjoy wine at its very best, it must be drunk within a few hours. 

But now there is a way of indulging in a small glass now and again without the risk of oxidisation. And that’s where the Sensio Home Wine Keeper comes in. 

The Wine Keeper is an exceptionally clever gadget that allows you to pour a glass of wine without having to remove the cork first. The way it works is that you first push hollow needles through the cork. The Wine Keeper then draws the wine from the bottle through the needles. Once you’ve finished pouring, the Wine Keeper will remove the air from the bottle to help keep the wine fresh. As you withdraw the needles, the cork will naturally expand to fill the channel, effectively sealing the bottle tight again. The bottle can be stored for up to five weeks in this way, and every time you use the Wine Keeper to pour another glass, each glass of wine will be as fresh and flavoursome as it would be if you’d just uncorked a fresh bottle. This wine preservation system will enable you to enjoy just a small glass of the finest wine on special occasions. There's no need to spoil its specialness by having to overindulge in order to finish the wine before it spoils.

How does the Wine Keeper differ from a vacuum seal? 

Many wine lovers already have a vacuum seal system that helps preserve wine for longer. Once you’ve opened a bottle of wine and poured what you need, you pop in the wine stopper, then use the pump to draw the air from the bottle and seal it. The vacuum wine saver is cheap and will help you keep the flavour of wine fresher for longer - possibly up to a few days - but it won't keep your wine fresh for weeks. 

The Wine Keeper works very differently. With the ability to pour wine from the bottle without the need to uncork it first (and break the airtight seal), there is very little opportunity for the wine to begin the process of oxidisation. Most vacuum pumps are manually operated, which increases the likelihood the user won’t remove all the air from the bottle before sealing it. The Wine Keeper is battery operated and automated, which means it will remove all the air, resulting in conditions that will keep the wine fresh for weeks rather than days. 

How does the Wine Keeper differ from other wine preservation systems? 

There are other wine preservation devices that allow you to preserve wine in a similar way to the Sensio Home Wine Keeper. However, by keeping the design simple, we’ve also kept the price of the Wine Keeper to a minimum, making it amazing value for money. 

An additional advantage of the Wine Keeper is that there are no ongoing costs. Other wine preservers use CO2 capsules as part of their process, so you need to keep spending more money to replenish them. The Wine Keeper is self-sufficient, which means you’ll never have to replace anything more than the batteries, making it even better value for money. 

Who needs a Wine Keeper? 

Wine connoisseurs - people who appreciate a good vintage will truly appreciate the ability to have every glass tasting as good as the first. When someone appreciates quality over quantity, the ability to enjoy the same excellent flavour glass after glass is a real treat indeed. That way they can enjoy every last drop from expensive bottles of wine at their own pace.

Dinner party hosts - fine food deserves fine wine. People who love hosting dinner parties will probably spend time finding the perfect wine to complement each course. This could leave a lot of expensive leftover wine at the end of an evening. If they use the Wine Keeper, they can keep the really nice wine in peak condition to serve at their next dinner party. 

Home brewers - it was suggested by one of our reviewers that the Wine Keeper would be a perfect gift for home brewers. It will allow them to make a decision about whether their latest brew is ready to drink without the need to waste a bottle of the good stuff in the process! 

Small restaurants and bars - delight your customers by offering a greater range of fine wines by the glass. You’ll be able to give customers the same flavoursome wine for up to five weeks without wasting the bottle for the sake of selling just one glass. 

The perfect Christmas gift for wine lovers

The Wine Keeper offers exceptionally good value for money, but if you’re worried about the initial outlay, we have a payment option. With Klarna, you can spread the cost over three months, paying just £26.66 pounds a month. A fantastic way of giving your loved one a well-deserved wine accessory for Christmas without breaking the bank.