Bonfire party food recipes

This year, we’ll remember, remember the 5th of November on a Saturday night. With Guy Fawkes Night falling at the weekend, it’s a great excuse to get some friends round and have a party. Whether you just want to celebrate bonfire night or put on your own back garden fireworks display, the UK's annual event celebrating the day Parliament didn't get blown up always comes with great food and a party atmosphere! 

If you're planning to invite friends and family over on fireworks night and want to put on a wonderful homemade spread, we can help. We've got all the kitchen gadgets you'll need to help, and we’ve been searching online to find a selection of recipes that will be perfect for your bonfire night party. 

Baked potato soup

Not sure whether your guests will want to warm themselves up with baked potatoes or soup? Combine the two so everyone’s happy. Jamie Oliver’s recipe for baked potato soup is easy to make and absolutely delicious, and it can be served with a variety of baked potato-related toppings, such as cheese, bacon and sour cream. When it comes to pureeing the soup, the puree function on our electric potato Masha will make it easy to produce the right consistency. 

Baked potatoes with three different toppings 

On the other hand, if you want to stick to serving traditional baked potatoes at your bonfire night party (you can make any leftovers into soup the next day), you’ll need to provide lots of lovely hot toppings to go with them. You can cook the potatoes in advance, then wrap them in silver foil and keep them hot by placing them at the edge of the fire.

You can also prepare the hot fillings in advance. And with our Triple Slow Cooker, you can really impress your friends by creating three different options that can be left to cook quietly in the background while you’re busy enjoying your party. We’ve found three recipes that really took our fancy below.

The Hairy Bikers’ recipe for chilli con carne is not only delicious, it’s also healthy (but don’t tell anyone!), and you can always use plant-based mince (with vegetable stock) instead of meat when cooking for your vegetarian friends. In our experience, plant-based mince can be so close in texture and taste to beef mince, if you don't tell anyone it's not real meat, they may never know! And it costs less too… 

Sausages always go down a treat on bonfire night, so why not make one of your hot toppings a sausage casserole (but remember you won’t need to add any potatoes). And you can simply use plant-based sausages instead of meat-based ones if necessary.

Do you always feel a bit guilty that the pumpkins you buy at Halloween are only used as lanterns? Make sure at least one of them is an edible pumpkin (or use a squash if there are none available) from which you can create a sumptuous slow cooker pumpkin stew

Ginger cake

Who doesn’t welcome a bit of ginger cake on a cold winter’s evening? A cup of hot tea and a slice of James Martin’s Yorkshire parkin will be an ideal way to end the festivities before you need to retreat into the warmth of the house. It’s easy to make if you have one of our 2-in-1 stand mixers, and it’s cheaper to bake if you use an air fryer, which will also save money on your energy bills. 

Finish the festivities with a chocolate fountain

Can you imagine a more indulgent way to end your bonfire night party than with a chocolate fountain? Chocolate fountains are a favourite with children and adults alike, and you can provide bowls of marshmallows and other sweets for the kids (and the big kids), as well as fresh fruit for the more health conscious. Then invite everyone to dip their sweet treats into all that gorgeous Belgian chocolate.

We hope you have fun and stay safe on bonfire night - and, of course, enjoy lots of delicious food made with Sensio products. We’d love it if you share your photos on our Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest channels.