The gift of convenience

Yes, it’s time to start thinking about the best Christmas presents to buy for family and friends. And we know that many people can be difficult to buy for. However, if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for enthusiastic cooks and avid foodies, then we can make things very easy for you! Our wide range of fun and practical kitchen appliances can provide the ultimate present - the gift of convenience.

Kitchen gadgets make perfect gifts for foodies

Time is something that many of us are very short of, so anything that’ll help make eating healthily quicker and easier is something to be treasured. Sure, convenience foods can help you save a lot of time, but a lot of them will contain ingredients such as sugar, salt and preservatives that you may prefer not to have in your food. Cooking your own food also fills a home with the kind of delicious, mouth-watering aromas you just can’t achieve with a ready meal or shop-bought cake.

A must-have for bakers and soup makers

sophisticated tool for ultimate multi-tasking

One of the most useful kitchen gadgets of all time is the 2-in-1 Food Processor Blender & Stand Mixer. A must-have for bakers and soup makers alike, it makes a great gift. They’ll be able to whisk marvellous meringues, mix scrumptious sponges and knead brilliant bread without feeling like they need to go to the gym first. The addition of the blender means they can also whizz up smashing soups and smoothies with ease, helping them keep their health-kick resolutions.

Break maker and food chopper for Christmas

Sensio Home Bread Maker Black Digital, 19 Automatic Programs, 650 W, Includes Accessories

The best kitchen aroma ever is, of course, freshly baked bread, but sadly our lifestyles don’t allow us enough time to bake our own bread on a regular basis. However, that’s no reason for bread enthusiasts to miss out on that ‘just baked’ smell when you give them a bread maker for Christmas.

Mini Food Chopper
Buying a gift for a foodie who lives alone or someone with a very small kitchen? Buy them a mini food chopper that also doubles up as a mini food processor. This multifunctional kitchen gadget has four different attachments, so they’ll be able to use it to chop, blend, whisk or beat ingredients. They can create a salad, mix a cake batter, make a pesto sauce or whip up a meringue using just one gadget, which means storage will not be a problem. The mini food chopper can even crush ice, which (conveniently) means they can make you a great cocktail to say thank you for the gift!

Omelette maker as a gift

Global Gourmet by Sensio Home Omelette Maker
One food that many people have difficulty making well is the omelette. Creating a thick, fluffy omelette is the kind of skill that takes a lot of time and patience to perfect - and some find cooking them exasperating. Those people would be delighted to receive an omelette maker as a gift as it will enable them to make perfect omelettes every time - with just the right level of fluffiness and the right shape too. They can experiment with fillings and flavours, and also cook fried, poached and scrambled eggs… And the omelette maker’s non-stick plates are a lot easier to clean than a frying pan. You can’t get more convenient than that!

Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster

In the winter, a toasted cheese sandwich really hits the mark. But without a toasted sandwich maker, it can be a real faff to make your own toastie under the grill. There is the possibility of burning the bread, and always the danger of oozing cheese resulting in someone having to spend time scraping burnt cheese off the grill pan. This is what makes a sandwich maker such a great gift of convenience.

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