Romantic food for Valentine's Day

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you may be wondering what you can do for that special someone in your life. The good news is that the best romantic gestures don’t cost a lot of money. Obviously we’d all love to be whisked away to a six-star hotel with beautiful views where we’re waited on hand and foot, but for the vast majority of us, that’s not going to happen! Indeed, for most people, the more thoughtful the gesture, the more romantic it is. So what better way of celebrating is there than creating a delicious home-cooked dinner for just the two of you? Here’s our suggested menu for a meal that has all the qualities romantic couples are looking for:

  • Avocado soup (warm or cold - your choice), garnished with parsley
  • Steak or pan-fried tofu with asparagus and roast parsnips
  • Pistachio and rose ice cream
  • Belgian chocolate fountain

Avocado soup

Avocados are extremely nutritious and have four nutrients that are known to help improve sexual health - vitamin E, beta carotene, magnesium and potassium. So a great way of beginning a romantic meal would be with avocado soup. The best thing is that this can be served hot or cold, and it’s as nutritious as it is delicious!

All you need is a handful of baby spinach, one apple peeled and cored, a quarter of a litre of coconut water, a tablespoon of coconut oil and one avocado. Scoop out the avocado flesh and place it in your Sensio Home blender along with all the other ingredients. Mix it all together and it’s as simple as that! You can either chill it and serve cold or heat it gently before serving. If you are heating it, take care not to let it boil otherwise the avocado will discolour. Season to taste and serve with croutons or pumpkin seeds and a parsley garnish.

Incidentally, parsley contains apigenin, a flavonoid which helps boost testosterone levels… and the libido.

Main course

A lovely juicy steak is chock-full of zinc, which helps boost the libido by curbing the production of the hormone prolactin. The protein in the steak will boost levels of the brain chemicals dopamine and norepinephrine which heighten sensitivity.

Vegetarians and vegans will be happy to know that tofu is also considered an aphrodisiac. Tofu is made from soy, which contains isoflavone compounds that boost arousal. It is also beneficial for the prostate gland. A simple way to cook tofu is to pan fry it. Put six ounces of tofu onto a plate, cover it with another plate and add weights. Allow it to press for around half an hour - the weights will squeeze the liquid out of the tofu. Discard the liquid and cut the tofu into strips about two inches wide. Heat oil in a frying pan over a medium-low heat and cook your tofu strips until golden brown. This should only take 2-3 minutes each side. Transfer the tofu to a serving dish and let it rest for a few minutes. Add more oil to the pan and fry chopped spring onions for around 30 seconds. Spoon the onions over the tofu and coat with around two tablespoons of soy sauce.

Avocado Soup

When it comes to vegetables to serve with your main course, we suggest asparagus and parsnips. Asparagus is full of potassium and vitamin E, both of which help boost the libido in both men and women.

Instead of chips with your steak, why not try roast parsnips instead. Parsnips are rich in boron, a mineral that increases the level of natural sex hormones. They also contain B-vitamins and have high concentrations of the pheromone androstenol, a natural odour that can prove very attractive! Roast the parsnips in the same way you roast potatoes. Preheat the oven to 200ºC/180ºC fan/gas mark 5. Heat oil in a roasting tin in the oven while you peel and chop the parsnips. Then put the parsnips into the pan, coat them in the oil and cook for 35-40 minutes until golden brown. Make sure you baste the parsnips regularly.

Pistachio and rose ice cream

Pistachio nuts can improve blood cholesterol and stimulate better blood flow. They have excellent nutritional value and are rich in protein, fibre and healthy fats. They’ve even been shown to help improve erectile dysfunction.

All of these qualities make pistachio and rose ice cream the perfect choice for Valentine’s Day. Use a Sensio Home Home Ice Cream Maker to help you produce the perfect pudding for your loved one - don’t forget the rose petals! Click here for the recipe.

Chocolate fountain

What better way of ending a romantic meal than with dark chocolate? Dark chocolate triggers norepinephrine and dopamine - the hormones that create feelings of euphoria. No wonder chocolate is such a favourite Valentine’s gift. A Belgian chocolate fountain will add a fun end to your home-cooked meal and will help you whisk your partner off their feet.