Keep the heat on Christmas dinner with a serving station and plate warmer

If you’ve ever cooked a meal for a lot of people - for example Christmas dinner - you’ll know how time consuming it can be. And by the time you’ve served everyone, your own meal will probably have gone tepid - cold sprouts anyone? This is especially galling if you’ve spent hours in the kitchen beforehand. And when you’re cooking for a lot of people, it’s usually impossible to even warm the plates before you serve the meal because you need the oven for cooking.

Global Gourmet by Sensio Home Hostess Serving Station with Plate Warmer

Keeping plates and food warm is particularly important at Christmas, which is where the Sensio Serving Station with Plate Warmer comes in handy. You’ve not only got a dedicated compartment that will heat up the plates and keep them warm, but you’ve also got three hot serving trays. This will enable you to keep the vegetables covered and piping hot while you concentrate on carving the turkey. And it’ll continue to keep them warm in case someone wants seconds.

If you encourage guests to help themselves to vegetables, the serving station will cut down on the amount of work you need to do in the kitchen, meaning you get to sit down and enjoy your meal earlier than you might otherwise have done.


A serving station is not just for Christmas

Christmas won’t be the only time of year you’ll be entertaining guests, so a serving station will be handy for any occasion. From buffets to BBQs, it will always be a useful addition to enable you to serve hot food to your guests. And if your family’s rushing around doing different things one weekend, you can still cook them a nourishing meal. Simply keep everything hot in the serving station, then everyone can help themselves as and when they’re ready. As all they’ll have to do is put food onto their plate, it’ll be a lot quicker than putting a ready meal in the microwave - this means they’ll be more likely to eat healthy fresh food than processed.

 a picture of an empty Serving Station with Plate Warmer

Keep your plates warm, keep your dinner warm

While it is very unlikely that someone will be late to the dinner table at Christmas, the demands of everyday life could mean that a member of your family might be late to the dinner table at other times of the year. In which case, their meal can be plated and kept hot in the plate warmer compartment until they’re ready to eat it. Alternatively, if you’re in the middle of eating and get unavoidably interrupted, you can keep your dinner warm until you’re ready for it. Much nicer than reheating it in the microwave.


Advantages of the Sensio Serving Station

There are very few appliances that combine serving plates with a plate warmer - most are one or the other. So the Sensio Serving Station makes the best use of available space whether you need it for a big dinner or as part of your busy family life.