Sensio Spa Hot & Cold Beauty Massager, Deep Tissue Full Body & Face Massage

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The ultimate professional deep tissue massager using patented technology. A unique muscle massager which incorporates 2 separate heads with one providing deep vibration massage and the other surface that can generate hot and cold temperatures, beneficial for the face and body.

This massager not only has a powerful massage head with 3 speeds to really get deep into trouble spots but it has another head which with the press of a button can produce a cold surface down to 5°C or heat up to 45°C.

The cold setting can be used on strained muscles. Applying a cold surface to a strained muscle can help decrease inflammation, swelling and numb the pain. There is also a heat setting. Applying heat is useful for sore or injured muscles as it can help increase blood flow and metabolic activity. Warming the area relaxes stiffness and relieves pain in aching joints.

The hot and cold surface is useful not only for all of the body but also for the face. Alternating between cold and hot temperatures can be beneficial especially for the skin. Cooling the face helps tighten the skin and maintain skin elasticity, shrink pores and reduce wrinkles. Heat can open up pores and help the absorption of skin care products.

Super powerful massage head with 4000-8000 rpm per minute. Huge power so you can really feel the difference and the beneficial effect on the muscles. Rechargeable and portable, USB charging cable included.

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