Global Gourmet by Sensio Home Luxury Belgian Style Waffle & Pancake Mix 6 x 1KG


6 x 1KG Global Gourmet Luxury Waffle and Pancake Mix, total 6KG

Big value packs

Make authentic fluffy waffles and pancakes in minutes. Great tasting and easy to make, takes a few minutes. Just add water and oil in the suggested measures to the waffle mix, whisk, pour into waffle maker, ready in minutes. Enjoy round, square, deep or shallow waffles. Top with your favourite toppings for the best tasting waffles.

This is a COMPLETE Ready Waffle and Pancake Mix, no need to add other ingredients such as eggs, just follow the directions below:

Directions for approximately 6-8 waffles (adjust for your desired number of waffles):

Mix 500g waffle and pancake mix with 450ml water and 75ml oil in a large jug or bowl using a hand whisk, wooden spoon or electric mixer

If using an electric mixer, mix on slow speed for 1 minute followed by medium speed for 1 minute

Set waffle maker to medium heat if available or normal heat level if you cannot select temperature. Cook for 5-6 minutes or until steam has stopped rising

Check waffles whilst cooking to cook to your exact preference

That’s it! Delicious Belgian style waffles in minutes. Add you favourite toppings and enjoy just how you like

Suitable for vegetarians

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