Sensio Home 100% Natural Cotton Terry Tea Towels | Soft Vintage Kitchen 5 Pack | Large 45 x 65cm | Multicoloured

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  • EXTRA ABSORBENT DESIGN - Tired of thin tea towels that spread liquids rather than absorb them? Our 100% cotton towels are extra thick and soft allowing them to absorb liquids like no other. Spend less time cleaning and more time relaxing!
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE AT HOME - Experience the quality of a restaurant in the comfort of your own kitchen with our heavy duty tea towels! Tight stitching prevents lint from getting all over your food and dishes and ensures they won’t unravel - even after dozens of washes and heavy use. Long-lasting 100% Natural Cotton towels for your daily convenience
  • SUPER CONVENIENT - No more hassles in the kitchen or need for paper towels - just rinse under warm water for a quick clean or throw in the wash for a deep clean. Set of 5 means you’ll always have a clean towel ready to go. Less mess, less stress!
  • MULTI PURPOSE - Enjoy a dish towel that does it all - at 45 x 65 cm they’re ideal for drying, cleaning spills, wrapping bread, bringing in your picnic basket, and much more. Fun colours make them a perfect addition to your kitchen and a thoughtful gift for friends and family members
  • A BRAND YOU CAN TRUST - Life is stressful, but at home it shouldn’t be. Our goal at Sensio Home is to design products that make your daily life that much easier. We’re committed to ensuring your complete happiness by providing you the customer service and value you deserve. Make the smart choice - order from Sensio Home today!

High-Quality Cotton Multicolour Tea Towels For Your Daily Convenience

Annoyed with tea towels that fray, fall apart, or don’t do their job?

Imagine how much easier your life would be if everything did what it was supposed to do. Our Tea Towels will help make your daily life that much easier by providing effortless results for just about any kitchen task.

Dry dishes and absorb spills with ease, place them over your freshly baked goods to keep them warm and soft, quickly dry your hands without scratchy irritations, or pack them along for a picnic at the park or camping trip with your family.

No matter what the task, our towels have you covered!

Why Our Natural Cotton Tea Towels?

Because they actually work!

Other tea towels are either too thin or tightly woven to be able to easily absorb liquids. Our towels feature a thick and soft design made from 100% white cotton that allows them to effortlessly absorb and hold on to liquids. 

Their superior weaves and stitching ensure that pieces of lint and fluff won’t get all over your food, dishes, hands, and surfaces and prevents the towels from unravelling - even after dozens of washes and heavy use.

Fun colours liven up any kitchen and make them a great gift for friends, family, and all aspiring chefs!

Along with our Tea Towels comes the added value of our top customer service. We truly care about your happiness and wellbeing. If you ever have any issues, concerns, questions, or comments, please feel free to message us for prompt, hassle-free service!

Features You’ll Love

  • 100% Cotton
  • 45 x 65 cm
  • Pack of 5
  • Machine Washable
  • Eco Friendly
  • Extra Durable
  • Fluff-Free
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Fun Colours

No more going through endless rolls of paper towels. No more hassles wiping up spills. No more destroyed towels after a few uses and washes.


Why are tea towels called tea towels?

They were often wrapped around teapots to insulate them or prevent drips hence the name

What are tea towels?

It is a soft cloth often made of cotton. The best ones are large and absorbent like the Sensio Home tea towels

What are tea towels used for?

They can be used in a variety of ways eg drying glasses and dishes, heat protection when touching hot dishes etc

Where to buy tea towels near me?

You can buy them from we stock a variety of colours to match your colour scheme

How to make tea towels?

Don’t make them, buy the best ones from Sensio Home, best quality and value

What are tea towels made of?

They can be made of linen or cotton. Our tea towels are made of cotton and are super absorbent

Where to store tea towels?

You can store them in a kitchen cupboard or anywhere dry in your kitchen

How many tea towels do I need?

Our tea towels come in packs of 5, plenty to deal with all your needs

How to wash tea towels?

Easily in the washing machine, follow the care label instructions

How to fold tea towels?

Our tea towels are super soft and will fold easily fold many times

How to display tea towels?

Display them prominently in your kitchen as their attractive bright colours will brighten up your room

How to clean tea towels?

Easily in the washing machine, follow the care label instructions

Which tea towels are the best?

We recommend the Sensio Home tea towels as they are bright, large and super absorbent

What fabric are tea towels made of?

Our tea towels are made of cotton and are designed to be super absorbent and bright

What are tea towels good for?

They can be used in a variety of ways eg drying glasses and dishes, heat protection when touching hot dishes etc

Where can I buy tea towels?

You can buy them here on fast and free delivery over £20 spend

· Free UK Standard Delivery (Estimated 2 working days) £20 spend or more
· For non UK information: Delivery

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