The Perfect Kitchen Gadget For Students

If you’re off to university or college, you’ll be studying hard and partying hard, and you may also be doing a part-time job too. And that will more than likely mean you’ll be eating at odd times. Whether you’re in a dorm or a shared house, you won’t always have the inclination to cook something, especially if you don’t have much time. So we’ve come up with the perfect kitchen gadget for students, which will keep you full of lovely hot food… with minimal washing-up!

Introducing our multifunctional toasted sandwich maker

Toastie, waffle, panini or something from the grill? With the Sensio Home Multi Functional 3 in 1, you can make toasted sandwiches or waffles, heat up a panini, or cook yourself a burger. Our multifunctional sandwich maker is incredible value for money, and if you look after it, it will see you through your degree and beyond. It’s small enough to keep in your room if that’s what you’d prefer, and it’s easy to pack with all your belongings when you need to pack up your stuff during the holidays.

The beauty of it is in the different plates that enable it to be so versatile. These non-stick plates are interchangeable, which is why you can use it to make toasties, waffles or grilled food without having to buy a separate toastie maker, waffle maker, and grill. Cleaning the plates is also a doddle - you just remove them and wash them up in the sink using ordinary washing-up liquid.

What’s your favourite toastie?

The Sensio Home Multi Functional 3 in 1 is the perfect toastie maker - it makes two at a time, so if you’re cooking for you and a friend, you won’t have to eat in shifts. If you’ve got a craving for a late-night toastie, you’ll probably only have the ingredients for a bog-standard cheese toastie or a cheese and ham one. While they’re utterly delicious in their own right (especially if you’ve been ‘out out’ and fancy a midnight snack), there are plenty of other flavour combinations that can turn a simple toastie into a gourmet feast. So, on your behalf, we’ve googled people’s favourite toastie fillings, and here are the ones we like the sound of.

Savoury flavour combinations:

● Stilton, apple and walnut
● Pesto, mozzarella, tomatoes and olives
● Cheese, bacon (pre-cooked) and Marmite
● Brie and bacon (pre-cooked) with cranberry sauce
● Bacon (pre-cooked) with stilton and mango chutney
● Chicken (pre-cooked), mozzarella and pesto
● Kimchi and cheese
● Emmental and mushrooms
● Fish fingers (pre-cooked) and beans
● Add a dash of pesto to your standard baked beans with cheese combo
● Scrambled eggs - whisk an egg with a bit of butter or a dash of milk and it cooks in
the toastie
● Leftovers such as chilli con carne or bolognese

From a can or a jar:

● Chopped pork and pease pudding
● Roasted pepper and anchovies
● Spicy aubergine
● Baked beans and Worcestershire sauce
For those with a sweet tooth:
● Nutella and peanut butter
● Mashed banana and honey
● Nutella and Snickers - slice the Snickers first otherwise it won’t melt enough

The combinations of flavours that make up a tasty toastie is almost never-ending - in fact, you could almost do a degree to research the perfect one!