Make blending a breeze with the Sensio 2-in-1 Stand Mixer and Blender

Sensio Home 2-in-1 1300W Food Processor Blender & Stand Mixer Machine

Home blenders and food processors allow you to prepare a host of incredible treats in a minimal time frame. If you’re looking for a versatile food processor and blenders from a brand that you can trust, we can help. The Sensio Home 2-in-1 1300W Food Processor Blender & Stand Mixer offers six speeds and allows you to whizz through virtually any kitchen task. More and more chefs are enhancing their culinary performance after investing in our appliances.


Create a wealth of treats

This kitchen machine comes complete with an electric-powered free-standing mixer alongside a standing blender. It takes the stress and strain out of creating anything and everything from burgers, soups, smoothies, cakes and much more.


multi tasking food processor blender

Six speeds to choose from

Another reason why this product has become so popular is that it offers a stunning range of speeds. Knead, blend, whisk and beat at perfect speeds to get the precision you need. The appliance will be ideal for your needs whether you’re cooking at home or in a professional setting such as a restaurant kitchen.


Spills kept to a minimum, simple maintenance

The large stainless steel mixing bowl has a plastic guard to help you keep spillages to a minimum, and the bowl itself locks firmly in place. You can remove both of these with ease. The product also comes complete with a dough hook, balloon whisk and a mixing beater to help you breeze through a wide range of tasks.


Smoother, more even results

This pioneering product features planetary action, which means the beater can be rotated in one direction, whilst whisking takes place in another. This means ingredients are constantly directed to the centre of the bowl to deliver smooth, even results that enhance the quality of your dishes. There are two colour options to choose from: red or black.

Features of Food Processor Blender


Suitable for everyone

Whether you have years of experience in the kitchen or not, the Sensio Home Stand Mixer can help you achieve more. Get more done in a shorter period of time and create sauces and dressings as well as soups, smoothies and so much more. You’ll be able to complete several tasks at once to shorten the food preparation process. What’s more, the appliance comes complete with a free manufacturer guarantee, so you’re covered as soon as you register your product.


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We are eager to hear from you if you want to find out more about our Sensio Home Stand Mixer. We want you to be totally satisfied with the products that you buy from us and are more than happy to provide all the advice that you need so you can get the best out of your mixer. To reach us today, simply complete the online form or give us a call on (0345) 467 6743. We are here to help you achieve more in the kitchen with innovative long-lasting solutions.