Keep cold on the go with a mini fridge

Portable mini fridge black

There are times when having a portable mini fridge comes in really handy. They’re small enough to fit virtually anywhere and light enough to carry around - the 10L model has a handle to make portability even easier and the 15L model has handles on the sides. What’s more, both the 10L and 15L models come with a selection of power cables, which means you can plug them into UK or European plug sockets, or your car’s cigarette lighter.

Our mini fridges will keep the temperature between 16oC and 20oC lower than the ambient temperature and can be as low as 0oC if it’s cold enough outside. In terms of size, if we measure capacity in 330ml drinks cans, the 10L model can hold up to 11 units, and the 15L model can hold 22.

What do people use a mini fridge for?

Their versatility means that portable fridges can be used by anyone and everyone. If you work from a home office, especially if you’re tucked away in the loft or at the bottom of the garden, it’s often useful to have somewhere to hand where you can keep milk, water and soft drinks cold. It makes it easy and convenient to have another coffee or a cold drink without having to traipse all the way to the kitchen where you’re also at risk of getting sidetracked by domestic duties.

Students and people who rent rooms in shared houses often want a mini fridge in their room where they can safely keep a pint of milk and a few essentials. One of the biggest complaints about shared kitchens is that someone will pinch all the milk because they can’t be bothered to nip to the local shop. This way, they won’t get a chance!

Silver portable mini fridgeWith a portable fridge, lukewarm drinks on long car journeys can be a thing of the past. Plug the fridge into your car’s cigarette lighter and you can keep cans refreshingly cold, without having to pay service station prices (where you’re not even guaranteed that your drink has had the chance to cool down enough, especially on very hot days when everyone wants a cold can).

If you’re driving to Europe for a holiday, such as a camping trip, a portable mini fridge is an excellent option. Not only will you keep everything cool during the journey, you’ll also be able to plug it into the mains when you get there.

You can also take your mini fridge to parties and BBQs to provide extra help with keeping drinks cool.

Makeup fridge

A portable mini fridge is also an excellent place to store makeup. When kept in cool, dark surroundings, makeup will last longer and look better for longer, which is why many makeup professionals and enthusiasts keep their products in a mini fridge conveniently next to the mirror. It will also prevent the rest of the household complaining that you’re taking up space in the main fridge!

black mini fridge plug

You can also keep things hot!

Unlike the fridge in your kitchen, our mini fridges can also become mini warmers. With the flick of a switch, you can change the temperature to 65oC, so on winter days you can keep your soup or hot meal nice and warm, wherever you are. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy home-cooked hot food on a long car journey, keep your takeaway hot on the way home or keep your contribution to a potluck dinner hot as you drive to a party.

What makes our mini fridge different?

Unlike conventional fridges, Sensio mini fridges do not contain any refrigerant fluids or a compressor, making them safer and easier to transport thanks to thermoelectric technology. Basically, this means there is no circulating liquid and no moving parts which increases the fridge’s life span, making it even better value for money.
You may not have known that you need a portable mini fridge in your life, but its versatility offers so many useful applications, you’ll be surprised you ever managed without one!