Inspired by the Great British Bake Off?

It’s GBBO time of year again! And we’re all excited to visit the big white tent and see our social feeds full of marvelous bakes. We’re expecting delicious desserts, tasty technical dishes and so-good-you-want-to-recreate-it showstoppers.

We know that GBBO inspires many people to get their aprons on and get out the rolling pin, so why not get your own flair for baking on the go this year alongside the show? Here at Sensio Home, we’ve got all the tools that will help you get creative and get the job done faster.

2-in-1 1300W Food Processor Blender & Stand Mixer Machine

Read on for our recommendations on how to wow your family and friends with your kitchen creations using our 2-in-1 1300W Food Processor Blender & Stand Mixer Machine.


Cakes and bakes

We all love baked goods - whether it is a three tier cake, scones, eclairs or everything in between. Something we’ve learnt from the previous years watching confident and talented bakers in the tent is that preparation is key and choosing the right tools will help you along the way. Most bakers swear by using a food processor for their bakes, and our 2-in-1 1300W Food Processor Blender & Stand Mixer Machine is perfect for whisking and beating. With six speeds, you can either whisk up cake batter as quickly as possible or use a slower gentle whisking motion to keep the air in. You have control over the speed, let’s hope it helps you spend less time worrying about soggy bottoms!


Breads and savoury

Baking bread needs TLC and if you knead to save time (see what we did there?). Our food processor is perfect for this task due to the strong kneading handle and powerful 1000 W motor that’s packed into the machine. You’ll be able to let your dough prove in the 4.5L stainless steel mixing bowl where it has room to rise before being prepared for baking in the oven.

If you prefer less prep in the kitchen, we can recommend our digital bread maker. With 15 automatic settings, the Sensio Home bread maker can make a variety of different types of loaves and even jam and yoghurt. Recipe suggestions are included in the instruction manual.

Desserts and delights

When it comes to dessert week, you know it’s never going to be a simple task. But, our food processor and stand mixer machine comes with a secret weapon: the blender on top! The blender adds an extra element to your dazzling desserts by giving you the power to blitz up any ingredient. No technical challenge will stand in your way when you have the power to blend with the touch of a button.

Imagine the fun you’ll have when you can create delicious chocolate mousse, fruit smoothie mixes, sweet sauces and much more in no time at all!

So there you have it, three sections worth of baking inspiration with our Sensio Home approved tips and tricks on how to win Star Baker by using the incredible 2-in-1 1300W Food Processor Blender & Stand Mixer Machine.

The only hard decision you’ll need to make is judging which colour you like best and what will work best in your kitchen: red or black.