How to Convert Your Favourite Oven Recipes for the Sensio Home Air Cooker


The Sensio Home Air Cooker has become an indispensable appliance in modern kitchens, offering a healthier and more efficient way to cook. But what about your cherished oven recipes? The good news is, you can easily adapt those recipes for your Sensio Home Air Cooker. This guide will show you how.

Understanding the Basics

Before you start converting recipes, it's crucial to understand how an Air Cooker operates. Unlike a traditional oven that uses radiant heat, an Air Cooker employs hot air circulation to cook food. This results in quicker cooking times and a crispier texture.

The Science Behind Air Cooking

Air Cookers use a fan to circulate hot air around the food, allowing for faster and more even cooking. This is why foods like fries and chicken wings come out crispy without the need for deep frying.

Temperature Conversion

The first step in converting an oven recipe for an Air Cooker is adjusting the temperature. Generally, you'll want to reduce the original oven temperature by about 25°F (approximately 15°C). Sensio Home Air Cookers come with precise temperature controls, making it easy to set the exact temperature you need.

Why Lower Temperatures Work

Lower temperatures are effective in an Air Cooker because of the rapid air circulation, which compensates for the lower heat setting. This ensures that your food cooks thoroughly without becoming too dry or burnt.

Time Adjustment

Air Cookers cook food faster than conventional ovens. A good rule of thumb is to start by reducing the cooking time by 20%. Always check for doneness a few minutes before the timer goes off to avoid overcooking.

The Importance of Timing

Getting the timing right is crucial for perfect results. Too little time and your food will be undercooked; too much time and it could become dry or overcooked. Always use a food thermometer to check for doneness, especially for meats.

Portion Sizing

Sensio Home's large-capacity Air Cookers are perfect for family meals, but it's essential to avoid overcrowding the basket. If your oven recipe serves a large number of people, you may need to cook in batches.

Cooking in Batches

When cooking in batches, it's important to keep the first batch warm while cooking the second. You can use your oven at a low temperature for this purpose, or simply cover the food with foil.

Oil and Seasoning

Air Cookers require less oil than traditional oven recipes. If your oven recipe calls for oil, consider reducing the amount by half. Sensio Home Air Cookers come with a non-stick basket, so a little oil goes a long way.

The Role of Seasoning

Seasoning plays a significant role in Air Cooker recipes. Because you're using less oil, spices and herbs become more prominent. Feel free to experiment with different seasoning combinations to find your perfect match.

Recipe Conversion Examples

Oven-Baked Chicken to Air Cooker Chicken

  • Oven: 400°F (200°C), 30 minutes
  • Air Cooker: 375°F (190°C), 24 minutes

Oven-Baked Fries to Air Cooker Fries

  • Oven: 425°F (220°C), 45 minutes
  • Air Cooker: 400°F (205°C), 36 minutes

Tips for Successful Conversion

  • Preheat: Always preheat your Sensio Home Air Cooker for optimal results.
  • Shake or Flip: For even cooking, make sure to shake the basket or flip the food halfway through.
  • Use Accessories: Sensio Home offers a range of Air Cooker accessories like baking trays and skewers that can help you adapt various recipes.
  • Test and Adjust: The first time you convert a recipe, keep an eye on the cooking process and make adjustments as needed for future cooking.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Ignoring Preheat Time: Unlike ovens, Air Cookers take less time to preheat. Ignoring this can result in overcooked food.
  • Using Too Much Oil: Excessive oil can cause your Air Cooker to smoke.
  • Not Checking for Doneness: Always check your food a few minutes before the timer goes off to ensure it's cooked to your liking.

Health Benefits of Air Cooker Cooking

Converting your oven recipes to Air Cooker recipes not only saves time but also offers health benefits. The Sensio Home Air Cooker cooks food with hot air instead of oil, reducing your fat and calorie intake.

Nutritional Advantages

Using an Air Cooker can help preserve the nutritional value of your food. Because it cooks quickly, it's less likely to destroy heat-sensitive nutrients like Vitamin C and folate.

Advanced Cooking Techniques

As you become more comfortable with your Sensio Home Air Cooker, you can start to explore advanced cooking techniques like marinating, brining, and even dehydrating fruits and vegetables.

Recipe Ideas

  • Air Cooker Brownies: Yes, you can bake in an Air Cooker! Try making brownies for a quick and delicious dessert.
  • Air Cooker Roast Beef: Achieve a perfectly cooked roast beef with a crispy crust and juicy interior.
  • Air Cooker Veggie Chips: Make your own vegetable chips using sweet potatoes, beets, or zucchini.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use aluminium foil in my Air Cooker?: Yes, but make sure it doesn't block the air circulation.
  • Do I need to use oil in my Air Cooker?: It depends on the recipe, but generally, you can use less oil than you would in an oven.
  • Can I cook frozen foods in my Air Cooker?: Absolutely, just extend the cooking time by about 20%.


Converting your favourite oven recipes for the Sensio Home Air Cooker is a straightforward process that can make your cooking quicker, healthier, and more efficient. With these tips and guidelines, you'll be able to enjoy all your favourite dishes with a new, healthier twist.