Got a small kitchen? Streamline your appliances with our food processors

We all love a great kitchen gadget. Some people collect them like a magpie collects shiny objects, and they make great gifts for people who love food. But for many of us, there’s a fundamental problem… We only have small kitchens! So it doesn’t matter how much we want the shiny new food processors and gadgets - if we haven’t got anywhere to store them, we can’t have them. No matter how easy they’ll make our lives.

Thankfully there is a solution in the form of multi-use appliances. So rather than getting a separate gadget for each function, get a food processor that only takes up the space of one gadget but can be used for many purposes.

Stand mixer

Stand mixers, which are also referred to as food processors, are the kitchen appliances that are most likely to spring to mind when thinking about multi-use kitchen appliances. Our Gourmet Professional Stand Mixer with blender can be used for kneading dough to make bread, mixing cake batter, beating egg whites for meringues, whipping cream, and making sauces, soups, smoothies, etc. It’s one of the most efficient multi-functional food processors you can get, and it has all the features that have made stand mixers such an enduringly popular must-have in any kitchen.

4-in-1 hand blender and whisk

If kitchen storage space is a real problem, our Hand Blender is an extremely useful multi-purpose appliance. It may work on a small scale, but it’s amazingly versatile and can do a huge range of things for you, including blending smoothies, soups and purees, whisking cakes and eggs, and chopping fruit and vegetables. It has variable speeds to give you complete control over your food preparation.

Multi-functional chopper and small food processor

An alternative multi-purpose kitchen gadget is the Sensio Home Mini Food Chopper / Small Food Processor. This compact device can chop, cut and blend, so whether you’re creating a lovely fruit salad, blending a delicious pesto sauce, or chopping nuts to use as part of your baking, it’ll save you a lot of work! Again, it’s ideal for people with limited space, so it’s perfect for students or a handy gadget for a caravan or holiday home.

3-in-1 waffle maker, toastie maker and grill

If you love waffles, toasties and mixed grills, you’ll be spoilt for choice with all the separate gadgets on the market. But rather than using up three spaces in your cupboards, you only need to use one with our Multi Functional 3 in 1 Stylish Waffle, Deep Fill Sandwich, Panini or Grill. With this multi-use gadget’s interchangeable non-stick plates, you can make delicious waffles for breakfast, toast your panini or create a delicious toastie oozing with melted cheese for lunch, and have a mixed grill for dinner. Our appliance is sleek and stylish as well as useful, and it is easy to clean and easy to store. 

Air fryer

An air fryer such as the Sensio Home Super Chef White Digital Air Fryer is an incredible space-saving kitchen appliance because it’ll cook almost anything. From fish & chips to the Sunday roast, vegetables to pizza, quiches to cakes, this small but mighty appliance is a 21st-century kitchen ‘must-have’. It’ll not only save you money on your fuel bills, it’ll also help you eat more healthily. You’ll get all the flavour of chips and roasties, without the need to use a lot of oil in the cooking process. Perfect for single people, for taking on holiday, or to help you begin a healthy lifestyle.