Best kitchen gifts under £30 for Christmas

Who doesn’t love a kitchen gadget? They’re usually fun and always result in a delicious meal or snack. So if you’re looking for a gift for a family member or friend who's a bit of a cook or loves messing around in the kitchen, we’ve got the perfect present! We know you’re on a tight budget these days, which is why Sensio Home’s kitchen appliances are perfect - we offer high-quality products at lower prices than the big brand names. 

Here are our best kitchen gifts under £30: 

Chocolate fountain 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re holding a Christmas party, a New Year’s Eve party, a birthday party or a just-because party, or just enjoying an intimate dinner for two, you can’t go wrong with a chocolate fountain. Our Mini Chocolate Fountain Fondue Set is only £24.99, yet it’ll bring so much pleasure to so many people. Our fun, party-sized set has three tiers through which the smoothest chocolate will flow. Perfect for dipping strawberries or mangos for a refreshing treat, or for marshmallows or any number of other sweet goodies that’ll taste so much better if they’re covered in chocolate! And there's a handy serving tray included.

Waffle maker 

Waffles make great treats, so waffle makers make great budget gifts! From only £28.99, our waffle makers are gifts that’ll keep on giving. You can even choose the shape of their food by getting them a Square Waffle Maker or go full circle with an American Waffle Maker. Whether they’re covered in savoury sauces, sweet treats or breakfast staples, waffles will always put a smile on people’s faces. Waffle batter is straightforward to make, but if you’re feeling especially lazy - or just can’t wait - our Luxury Belgian Style Waffle and Pancake Mix is ready to go. All you have to do is heat the waffle maker and you’ll be tucking into a delicious sweet or savoury treat within minutes! 

Sandwich toaster 

Toasted sandwiches have been a favourite at lunchtimes for many years. Biting into a toastie that’s oozing with melted cheese and your favourite fillings is one of life’s simple pleasures. The Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster will be a welcome kitchen gift, making perfect toasties time after time. What’s more, it’s small enough to easily store away without taking up too much cupboard space. At only £24.99, it’s the perfect gift for students, especially when they’re studying all night.   

Omelette maker 

At only £14.99, the Omelette Maker is amazing value for money. If you know someone who really loves cooking eggs, then this is the perfect gift. Omelettes are actually really difficult to get right, but with the omelette maker, you’ll get the perfect fluffy, thick omelette every time. Not only can you make omelettes, but you can also scramble, poach and fry eggs using the omelette maker. Click here to find out how, and for some of our favourite omelette recipes. 

Popcorn maker

Families are really having to tighten their belts this year, and trips to the cinema are going to be fewer and further between. Especially when the blockbuster movies hit the streaming channels so soon after their cinema release. One of the best things about going to the cinema is getting a huge box of popcorn to munch through the movie, and if you know someone for whom fresh popcorn while they enjoy the movie is a must-have, then a Popcorn Maker will be the best gift ever. It’s only £27.99, which means you won’t have to miss many trips to the concession stand to recoup your investment… so maybe a popcorn maker will be a budget-friendly option for you too! 

If you're looking for other gifts for food lovers, check out our full range of kitchen appliances, from stand mixers and mini fridges to air fryers and the beloved Masha. They’re the perfect Christmas presents for the foodies in your life!