6 Unusual things to put in a mini fridge

Mini-fridges have many different uses, with the majority of people using them to store snacks or drinks that they want to be easily accessible. However, there are many different uses for mini-fridges that you might not have even thought of. Here are just some of the fantastic ways you can use mini-fridges.


1) Beauty products

Many beauty influencers swear by keeping their cosmetics in the fridge, and often have a whole fridge dedicated to this purpose. According to Vogue, the theory behind this is that the cold helps the ingredients in the products stay fresh and potent for longer – especially antioxidants, growth factors and peptides. This means that you can keep your products for longer without having to worry about them expiring or not working as effectively.  

There are some more obvious, instantly visible benefits of keeping your makeup and skincare products in the fridge. For example, if you have any products that are aimed at reducing redness or puffiness such as sheet masks, eye cream or serums, keeping them in the fridge will enhance the soothing, cooling effect of the product. 


2) Freshly cut flowers

If you go to your local Florist, you will find that they have a special refrigerated container dedicated to keeping bouquets fresh. The cold temperature of the fridge prevents the stems and petals of freshly cut flowers from wilting as quickly as they usually would. If you want to buy flowers for someone but don’t have time to do it on the same day, this trick is a lifesaver! You can buy the flowers a day or two in advance and put them in the mini-fridge to keep them fresh, as long as it’s a small posy of course. 


3) Metal bowls

If you are doing a spot of baking and need to make whipped cream from scratch, this life hack will help to make the process easier. Place the metal bowl in the fridge for half an hour before you need to whip the cream. The cold temperature of the mini-fridge will influence the texture of the whipped cream and ensure that you get stiff peaks a lot easier. 


4) Photography film

If you use film in your camera, having a dedicated fridge for your film will be useful. Unprocessed photography film is a fragile material that can be damaged by high temperatures or excessive humidity. Experts recommend storing the film in the fridge as the cold temperature slows down degradation, and the dry atmosphere in the fridge keeps it safe from humidity damage. By storing the film in the fridge, you can double its lifespan. 


5) Pillowcases

This sounds like a strange one, but hear us out. It’s a hot day in the middle of summer and sometimes UK homes just aren’t properly equipped for warmer weather. Keep your pillowcases inside a bag in your mini-fridge for the day, and by bedtime they will be the perfect temperature to keep you cool. 


6) Seeds for your garden

Humidity and warm temperatures shorten a seed’s shelf life, so if you have some new seeds that you want to plant but your garden isn’t quite ready yet, stick them in the fridge in an airtight container. This will help keep them fresh until you are ready to plant them. 

If you’ve been inspired to invest in a mini-fridge for your makeup, photography film or are thinking about a career as a mini-florist, take a look at our full collection here