Sensio Home Antique Pine Wood Stain Big Value 1L Size Water Based Non Toxic


ENVIRONMENT: Our wood stains are solvent-free, aqueous water based formulations, which reflect our respect for the natural world. They are therefore safe and easy to use

DEPTH OF COLOUR: Our premium pigments beautifully enhance the grain and texture of all wood types, both internally and externally

INDOORS & OUTDOORS: Versatile formula suits a wide variety of stain and protect applications e.g. furniture, skirting & facings, doors, fences etc. Can be used for both new or old timber, indoor and outdoor.

QUICK DRYING: Fast results & low odour, perfect for indoor jobs

MATT TO SOFT SHEEN FINISH: Light-fast dye, incorporating an advanced water based acrylate, greatly enhances both the finish and moisture resilience of the wood.  May be over-coated with varnish

EASE OF USE: For best results apply with a premium grade brush.  Easy clean-up of tools and spills with warm soapy water, then rinse

MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN: Sensio Home is a British brand you can trust. Our wood stains are rigorously inspected and manufactured in the U.K to an ISO 9001 audited Quality Management System. Backed up by our UK customer service team and comprehensive product guarantee

PLEASE NOTE: The date on the bottle is the production date, not the best before date. Stored properly, the wood stain will not go off and so doesn’t have a best before date.

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